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The three mouarchs who were greatly -pleaded with the
message, dismissed the couriers from their prestr.ce. having1
given them (suitable presents.

Thee, Rajabhuvara moved to a plain outside (the village
of) Raksaaatafigadi, and having set up ranaghanfo and rasia-
stambha* he halted nearby. Tlie whole of the Karnataka
army was massed together into one group. Then commenced
the battle which lasted for twenty-seven days. Akhabara
Jalayiu Mogala Padn»alia. the king of Jaliahiapuri, was
encamped with Pafhaus, Rajapn.ts, Maratas, vazlrs ar.d
feudatory prince? in the uiidst of the forty streets (ro^ of
Talikota. A fight took place near them.

The three Padn^alias liaving united itlieir forces) advanced
upon Rajabhuvara, The princes, the principal nobles, wulrs-j-
and tDHfcft. who were in the service of RajaLliuvara came with
tbeir respective iVrces and (fought'1- for nine hours since the
morning. The battle was well-contested on both the sides.
Several died in the fight and several were wounded.

The princes (rajabin'ifiiara^ mzlrs ai;d all the other
(nobles) of Rajabhuvara secretly petitioned him (thus ; : " The
three Padusabas having united (their troops) are advancing
upon (us). We should not tarry behind but go forward, and,
opposing them resolutely, destory them*. In this fashion,
smiting them on their face, we should win the battle. Alii
Yadnla $aha and Imananna (Mu)lk§, these two, still remaiii in
their respective camps with their troops. It is unlikely that
they should join the battle. (However), as they may deceive
us, we place no trust in them. If you post 12,000 horse and
20,000 foot under a commander^, (to watch their

• The words ranagfonfz aa.dfa»^ttem^j mean 1al3 cf "battl** and *pill*r of
battle ' respectively. Their significance is not known. Frobibly, the army had to fight
round th.«TO stud defend them.
t *T]ic Vajeers of Raj^bsrivar Earned Raja^ondovaroo- together with other
Vajeers &c.— /, 0. J/., p. 204.
J * It i« necesiary for us cot longer tn del&v but to get behind them *md *t once
destroy the» »1L'— 7. 0. M., p. 20i-
§ Emam Naik.— /K4, p. 20&
Abbashw Kailt.r    IHd,   p.   206.   Text  fe^